Invest in Bank

By depositing in Latvian Credit Institution (Bank) at least 400 000USD

Important aspect is Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission. It is is an autonomous public institution, which carries out the supervision of Latvian banks, insurance companies and insurance brokerage companies, participants of financial instruments market, as well as private pension funds, payment institutions and electronic money institutions. This Commission ensures enhancing stability, competitiveness and development of the financial and capital markets as well as protection of the interests of investors, depositors and insured persons. Visit the web page, which can find in our homepage section „Links”. 

Benefits of obtaining Residence Permit in Latvia, European Union:

  • Right to enter and reside in Latvia at any time during the validity period of the Residence Permit.
  • Right to travel within the European Union without a visa.
  • No requirements as to the period yearly that the Foreigner must spend in Latvia.
  • Residence permit will be available both for investors and their family members.