Investment in Latvia

The climate for foreign investment in Latvia

Latvia is an open economy with good growth potential and a skilled labour force. Supporting foreign investment, the Latvian government has launched the POLARIS process (http: / /

Invest in business

By establishing the company in Latvia with share capital of 200 000USD

To facilitate understanding of company registration process in Latvia, we offer you to visit official Latvian Enterprise Register web page. This link

Invest in Bank

By depositing in Latvian Credit Institution (Bank) at least 400 000USD

Important aspect is Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission. It is is an autonomous public institution, which carries out the supervision of Latvian

Invest in Real Estate business

By investing in real estate in Latvia at least 200 000USD

or equivalent in other currency you are eigible to apply for the residence permit of the Republic of Latvia, which automatically guarantees free movement