About us

SIA Baltic Bridge is founded in 2011 year, combining abilities in industry, formation of external economic relations, China’s market managing, and also giving the chance to work in EU’s and China business environment . After our Chinese partners recommendation we developed mark Qiao.lv as a symbol of bridge for commercial relations facilitation between European and Chinese markets, and for potential cooperation in B2B version.

Qiao.lv provides for Chinese investors investment expert consultancy services regarding investments in Latvia and Baltic region. Also allowing investors to enjoy the various benefits provided by Latvia’s membership of the EU.

The founders and partners in Qiao.lv each add value to the company’s operations through their vast individual experience and diverse skill sets acquired and honed over many years offering professional advice to investors and businesses in Eastern Europe, China and Central Asia on a wide range of matters related to the fields of business development and international trade.

Our services:

  • Consultations of investment attraction in Latvia and the Baltic sea region in industrial and service sectors
  • B2B cooperation facilitation between the Republic of Latvia and People’s Republic of China
  • legal , consultative, analytical support for potential investors
  • ownership registration services
  • industrial design development services
  • market research services
  • consultations in sector of certification (TUV , GOST) and intellectual property defence
  • consultations in logistics solutions sector
  • consultations in real estate investments of living , offices and industrial sector
  • property management and administration services
  • residence permits formation.